Combined Notching Grinding Machine

Combined notching and grinding for steel, stainless steel and aluminium pipes and profiles.

  • Adjustable clamping device
  • Circular pipe section, square and flat steel bars
  • Adjustable grinding angle between 30° and 90° (0° – 60°)
  • Quick change of grinding belt
  • Powerful 2.5/3.3 kW motor
  • Easy belt height adjustment
  • Large folding protective screen
  • Chip collection containers
  • Low-vibration base frame
  • Large grinding surface with workpiece stop device
  • Adjustable stroke stop without tools
  • 2 different belt speeds

Mackma’s combined pipe and profile grinding machine is ideal for grinding pipes sections and profiles thanks to the easily clamping device, which allows both circular and square pipes and flat steel to be clamped at an adjustable grinding angle of 30° to 90° (0° – 60°).

The powerful 2.5 / 3.3 kW motor allows easy adaptation to different materials thanks to 2 different belt speeds, 15 m/sec for more delicate materials such as stainless steel and aluminium, while steel can be processed at 30 m/sec.

Machining is made extremely easy thanks to the tool-free quick-change tensioner system, the guide plate that discharges the grinding dust into the rear swarf discharge, and the fast changeover from pipe grinding to belt grinding.

The structure features a base plate that reduces vibration levels. The large folding protective screen, complete with suction device, ensures excellent visibility of the workpiece.

The combined pipe and belt grinding is manufactured in accordance with EC directives.


Technical Data

Belt dimensions100 x 2000 mm
Motor power2,5/3,3 kW
Motor speed1.400 – 2.800 rpm
Belt speed15 – 30 m/sec
Grinding diameter17,2 – 78 mm
Adjustable grinding angle30° – 90° (0° – 60°)
Diameter of suction nozzles2 x 70 mm
Dimensions1250 x 750 x 1140 mm
Weight160 Kg









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Suitable for the following sectors

  • Industrial technical articles
  • Furniture
  • Automotive
  • Motorcycle and boating
  • Sport and wellness items
  • Piping


Mackma Guaranteed 4 Years!

All Mackma products are guaranteed for 2 years, but if you buy on mackma official online shop all products are guaranteed for another 2 years! (4 years warranty!)

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Here are the benefits of buying a Mackma machine:

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  • They have a 4 year guarantee (we wanted to give more but the competition would have felt bad)
  • They do not require ordinary or extraordinary maintenance (cleaning every now and then)
  • All Mackma machines bends left and right without the need to purchase special accessories (not a matter of course).
  • It's easy to use and has 4 buttons (no space engineering required)
  • 24 hour service (we write it ourselves, but it is not necessary)

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