Briquette diameter55mm
Production (Kg / hour)Aluminium25÷30
Production (Kg / hour) Iron60÷70
Production (Kg / hour) Copper96
Production (Kg / hour)Cast iron113
Production (Kg / hour) Brass135



Motor power5 kW
Power – Voltage0.6 kW
Energy consumption per hour380/400
Power frequency50 Hz
Briquette diameter55 mm
Max. briquette length55 mm
Double-acting hydraulic pistonIncluding
Work cycles per minute3 pz
Machine length in mm1200
Machine width in mm802
Machine height in mm1100
Machine weight in kg800
Oil collection capacity inner tank50 Lt
External oil drainage and recovery tankOptional upon request
Double oil temperature control radiatorIncluding
Internal hydraulic pump with a capacity of Lt per minute40 Lt
Built-in vibrating hopperIncluding
Built-in shredder for long chipsOptional upon request
Hopper capacity300 Lt
Machine opened on 3 sides for internal inspectionsIncluding
Start/stop automatic level sensorIncluding
Interchangeable control panelIncluding
Provision for external machine power supplyIncluding
Sensor for communicating with other machinesIncluding
Internal oil filterIncluding
Pressure control manometerIncluding
Touch screen with software for remote controlIncluding
USB port for Web Cam handlingIncluding
Ability to enable Mackma remote assistanceIncluding
Noise level72db


Industry 4.0

Mackma briquetting machines meet the requirements

  • CNC control
    The control panel allows you to programme cycles, stop or start the machine, check the operating status, the number of working cycles…
  • Interconnection of computer systems and connection to other machines.
    They can be connected to the production lines or conveyor belts present in the company, so that start and stop commands can be sent to the line if the collection tank is full or not.
  • Simple and intuitive interface
    The interface used on Mackma briquetting presses is simple and intuitive, the 10” colour touchscreen PLC screen allows the full view of settings, the clear and intuitive graphics enhances user friendliness and speeds up the programming process.
  • Remote assistance
    Mackma briquetting presses can receive remote assistance.


With Mackma briquetting machines, you save resources and increase profits

Discover the advantages of briquetting chips with Mackma briquetting machines

  • Volume reduction -90% *
    Waste storage space, costs and time are reduced and improve of internal handling and external transport.
  • Handling and transport -80%  The volumetric reduction of the product allows for fewer deliveries of the waste or product to specialised waste management companies or directly to the foundry, resulting in cost savings.
  • Recovery of any internal liquids +20%  Metal shavings can contain significant quantity of oils and emulsions, which are often very expensive. During the process briquetting process, it is possible to recover approximately up to 98% of liquid inside the swarf. Through the hydraulic circuit inside the briquetting machine, the liquids present will be sent back to the processing centres, resulting in a reduction in product consumption and economic savings.
  • Increased commercial value and melt yield +70%  Briquettes intended for foundries have a higher commercial value than shavings because, during melting, they significantly increase the material yield and can be loaded directly into the melting furnaces without prior treatment of the emulsion liquids. They are qualitatively better than swarf, which on the other hand is subject to oxidation, reduction and shrinkage.

In a chip where 20 % liquid is present, only 2 % will remain in the chip after briquetting. The extracted liquid will then be recovered and sent back to the machining centres.

What can be briquetted?

You can make briquettes from almost any material, here are some examples

Steel – Iron – Aluminium – Plastic – Nilon fibre – Waffles – Coffee – Aluminium from sheet metal – Copper – Aluminium from cans – Brass – Chestnut shavings – Plastic from bottles – Dry shavings – Aluminium from bottle caps – Magazine paper – Wood shavings – Titanium shavings – Plastic PVC – Leather shavings – Rubber shavings – Paper – Ferns – Hazel tree prunings – Natural Fibre Textile – Lead – Stainless steel – Cast iron – Tantalum

Want to be sure that your material can be briquetted?

Contact us and send us a photo or sample of your material and we will test compaction.



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Suitable for the following sectors

  • Industrial technical articles
  • Furniture
  • Automotive
  • Motorcycle and boating
  • Sport and wellness items
  • Piping


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  • They have a 4 year guarantee (we wanted to give more but the competition would have felt bad)
  • They do not require ordinary or extraordinary maintenance (cleaning every now and then)
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  • 24 hour service (we write it ourselves, but it is not necessary)