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Tube Bending Machines

Electric and Semi-Automatic

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Variable Geometry

Ring Roller Machines

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Briquetting Machines

for Scraps

Electric Horizontal


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Automatic Plasma

Cutting Machines

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Sheet Metal

Bending Machines

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Notching and Grinding 


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Magnetic and

Impact Drills

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Electric Compressors

C Professional

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Set Socket Spanners and


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Worktables and 

Positioning Devices

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Set of Tools For

Bending Machines

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About Us

What is the difference between Simply or Expert control?


The Simply control allows to memorize 1 program with 9 bends. Suitable for medium/low bends production.


The Expert control allows to store up to 99 programs of 9 bends each. Suitable for medium/high bends production.

Why Mackma?

Mackma guarantees you reliability, safety and speed at competitive prices! It has many products in stock and offers a qualified technical assistance service. The machines can be customized according to the customer’s needs and Mackma Software can be interfaced with any other machine in the workshop.

Do you have other models of machines in the workshop with tool kits but are you tired of using them because they are always broken?

No problem! Mackma equipment can also be used on other machine models and the equipment you already have in the workshop can be used on all Mackma machines!

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