DHL Shipping

Mackma has chosen DHL Express as its partner for national and international shipments, an exclusive, secure, accurate and fast service, to make the shopping experience on the portal Mackma.Shop pleasant and efficient.

From the moment of purchase, you will be sent notifications that will update you step by step on the status of your order and your shipment, if you have chosen to pay by credit card or PayPal, the bureaucratic process and notifications will start immediately, but if you have chosen to pay by bank transfer, everything will begin once the amount of your order will be credited. 

  • If the purchase is made in the morning and if the order is fully available in stock, the shipment will be ready to be processed the same day and will be delivered worldwide within 8 working days.
  • If the goods of your order is not all available in stock, you will be contacted by one of our operators who will indicate the date of shipment, which normally does not exceed 3 working days, so the goods will be delivered within 11 days from the date of order.

All machines and tools are shipped on special pallets treated, well packed with special cartons and safety belts or reinforced boxes and protected against unintentional impacts.

All shipments are insured, if they are lost or damaged during transport, you will be refunded the full amount.

You will be sent an email from Mackma when your order has been picked up, when your order has been completed, when your order has been shipped. You will be sent an email from DHL when your order has departed, when your order has arrived at customs or a collection point, and when your order is delivered to you.

If your order is not picked up, you will be contacted by DHL or the Mackma operator by phone to make an appointment. If you do not make this appointment, your order will be returned to Mackma and you will be credited with the shipping charges.

If you ship outside the European Union, you will be charged Customs Duties.

What are Customs Duties and how are they calculated?

The calculation of duties depends on the value of the goods subject to tax. For the purposes of this calculation, goods are identified by a classification code known as the Harmonized System code.

All locations are subject to the customs laws in the country of destination. Shipments are cleared by country of origin, value, and quantity, but not by reason of export. For shipments that are subject to customs duties, a tariff or fee must be paid in connection with the transportation of the goods across international borders.

The system is regulated by the World Customs Organization and is constantly evolving.

The payment of customs duties is the responsibility of the recipient.

DHL will pay the charges on behalf of the consignee, request payment from the consignee prior to or at the time of delivery.

In general, DHL is unable to deliver shipments until the duties and taxes have been paid.

Why are Duties not included in the price of the goods?

The customs authorities of the destination country determine if duties and taxes are applicable when the shipment arrives.

Each country has different customs regulations and duties for different categories of goods are decided locally. DHL, like any other international freight company, must adhere to local customs legislation. For this reason, DHL pays duties on behalf of the recipient in order to clear the shipment as soon as it arrives and deliver as quickly as possible.

These amounts are calculated based on the information provided on the shipping label (or waybill) and customs documents – in particular the shipment contents, value and declared weight.

Duties and taxes are only required for shipments traveling outside the European Union and not all goods are subject to these charges.

It is not possible to predict the actual cost of Customs Duties in advance. Duties and taxes do not apply to packages traveling within the European Union.